We have a fully equipped state of the art pathology lab having latest equipment from leading global manufacturers. We use the following :

  • METROLAB 2300 PLUS - Random Access Clinical Autoanalyzer
  • ARK - Fully automatic Biochemistry Autoanalyzer
  • RADIANCE TOSOH (Japan) - CLIA (Chemiluminescence immunoassay) Hormone Analyser
  • EASYLYTE - Fully automatic Electrolyte Analyzer.
  • MINDRAY - Fully Automatic 5 parts 25 parameters Hematology Analyser
  • MICROLAB 2000 MERCK (Germany) - Computerized Biochemistry Autoanalyzer
  • HUMA CLOT (Human) (Germany) - Coagulometer
  • VES-MASTIC EASY from Transasia (Japan) - Automated ESR analyser
  • MISPA - I2  from AGAPPE (Switzerland) - Nephelometery & Photometry Specific Protein Analyser
  • B.D. Sure Path DTS system - For PAP smear by LBC (Liquid based cytology)


We do most Clinical Pathology, Histopathology, FNAC, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Haematology tests including Hormones and ELISA tests.

The detailed test menu and rate list is available on the link given below.