FCR Prima TM

We use the latest Fujifilm FCR PRIMA TM CR System and the Fuji DRYPIX Plus medical dry laser imager, one of the best available computed radiography systems from Fujifilm.

FCR Prima TM (Fujifilm)

The FCR Prima TM is the world's smallest class all-in-one tabletop CR equipped with high-speed image processing and mammography image reading capability as standard. It is highly versatile, supports a broad range of applications and gives an excellent image quality.

DRYPIX PLUS (Fujifilm)

Compact dimensions hide the generous potential of the DRYPIX PLUS. It combines Fujifilm's proven record of convenience and reliability with the DRYPIX family's remarkable operating efficiency, all in a compact body. Features such as unrivaled image quality, networkability, secured backup, and low cost of ownership make the DRYPIX Plus a welcome addition to any radiology department.

The Image Intelligence brings a set of sophisticated image processing technologies incorporated in the DRYPIX Plus that consistently optimize the displayed digital images and provide sharper image quality.