Complete range of 3D/ 4D Ultrasound scanning services ranging from whole abdomen, obstetrics, KUB, prostrate, Level 2, follicular study, and other investigations, are available at the best price and quality.

The list of all the available ultrasound scanning (USG) investigations with costs, offered by Dr Mittal's Diagnostic Centre is given below. We have both male and female radiologists available, for the comfort of our patients. We use the state-of-the-art Voluson E8 Expert ultrasound machine for all ultrasound scans, giving you precise and accurate results.

Although it is not necessary to take appointments for ultrasound scan investigations, it is recommended to take a prior appointment so that there is minimum wait time. Call us at 011-27941155 or 011-27942166 to book your appointment, or use the contact form to let us know your requirement.

We provide reports on the same day online through the Healthspace app, website or email.

InvestigationsRate (₹)
USG Upper Abdomen1500
USG Lower Abdomen (Pelvis)1500
USG Lower Abdomen with TVS2000
USG KUB / Prostrate1500
USG Whole Abdomen2000
USG Whole Abdomen with TVS2500
Obstetrics (Single Fetus)2000
Obstetrics (Twin>11 weeks)4000
Early Pregnancy with TVS2000
Obstetrics Bio Profile2500
Obstetrics NT + Nasal Bone3000
USG Level II Obst.3500
Single Day Follicular Study1000
USG Neonatal Brain3000
USG Orbits (Both)3000
USG Breast3000
USG Soft Tissues3000
USG Musculo-Skelatal3000
USG Thyroid3000
USG Neck3000
USG Scrotum/ Testis3000
TRUS (Trans Rectal)3000
USG 3D/ 4D (Any one region)4000
USG 3D/4D Pelvis4000
USG Obstetrics 4D4000
USG Guided Procedures2000

We also offer complete range of Color Doppler scan and Echo scanning services in Delhi. For more details visit our Color Doppler Price List or Echo Price List. Other services include digital X-Ray, OPG, DEXA scan, ECG, Mammography, and Pathology Lab tests.



Ultrasound Scan and Color Doppler investigations

Ultrasound Scan and Color Doppler

Digital X-Ray Scanning

Digital X-Ray