Preventive health and wellness package available for 6500 ONLY!


Now save over 33% on tests with the health package and get an extra 10% discount on additional investigations.

We provide you with best possible quality at an affordable price, allowing you to enjoy a healthier life in the future.

Investigations covered in the health package include Whole Abdomen Ultrasound, Computerized ECG, digital Chest X-Ray, complete Haemogram, HbA1c, blood sugar for diabetes, blood tests, vitamin deficiency, testosterone level, kidney and liver function, thyroid profile, lipid profile, urinanalysis, etc. The complete list is mentioned below.

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InvestigationsRate (₹)
Ultrasound Whole Abdomen2000
ECG Computerized300
Digital X-Ray Chest400
Complete Haemogram400
Blood Sugar Fasting / PP160
Lipid Profile800
Thyroid Profile600
Liver Function Test (LFT)700
Kidney Function Test (KFT)800
Blood Group150
Urine R/M120
Stool R/M120
Vitamin D31600
Vitamin B12900
S. Testosterone550



RECOMMENDED additional investigations (10% Discount):

  • DEXA
  • T.M.T
  • ECHO