Best Preventive Health and Wellness Package for Women

Available for 6500 ONLY!  SAVINGS OF 40% On Test Rates

This Advanced Health Package is specially designed for women with busy working schedules in today's stressful environment. Regular checkups can help detect early signs of any health disorder. One should undergo a regular health checkup every year, or as recommended by the doctor. With increasing prevalence of cardiac diseases, diabetes, cancer and other chronic conditions in women, it is very important to keep yourself updated on your health, to discover the disease earlier, especially when the treatment is often effective.

Investigations covered in the advanced health package include Whole Abdomen Ultrasound scan, Computerized ECG, digital Chest X-Ray, complete Haemogram, blood tests, Liver function test, Kidney function test, HbA1C, blood sugar for diabetes, thyroid profile, lipid profile, vitamin deficiency, etc. The complete list is provided below.

Now SAVE UPTO 40% on the included tests with this health package, available at the best price, and also get an extra 10% discount on additional investigations.

Additional investigations include Mammography for the detection of breast cancer, Homocysteine for hypertension, DEXA scan for bone density, TMT or stress test and Echocardiography for the heart.

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InvestigationsRate (₹)
Ultrasound Whole Abdomen2000
ECG Computerized400
Digital X-Ray Chest500
Complete Haemogram400
Blood Sugar Fasting / PP160
Lipid Profile800
Thyroid Profile650
Liver Function Test (LFT)700
Kidney Function Test (KFT)800
Blood Group150
Urine R/M120
Stool R/M120
Vitamin D31600
Vitamin B12900
Pap Smear1100


RECOMMENDED additional investigations (10% Discount):

  • Mammography
  • DEXA
  • T.M.T
  • ECHO
  • S. Homocysteine  (for  Hypertension)