About us

Dr Mittal’s Diagnostic Centre, was started back in 1995 by Dr Rakesh Mittal, M.D. (Radio-Diagnosis); armed with an ample experience in Radiology and the ambition to provide quality medical diagnostic healthcare facilities in Rohini, North Delhi. Having completed over 20 successful years, it has now grown to become one of the leading ISO 9001:2000 certified diagnostic centers and pathology labs in Delhi.

It saw the FIRST installation of the Voluson E8 in North Delhi, which is the most advanced 3D and 4D Ultrasound cum Color Doppler machine from GE Healthcare.


Services we offer

We strive for excellence in providing state-of-the-art diagnostic healthcare services to our patients and constant upgradation of our equipments and facilities. We offer all kinds of diagnostic investigations at our facility ranging from simple lab based blood tests and urine tests to X-rays, Ultrasounds, etc.

Visit our SERVICES page for detailed information. Also refer to the different lists of investigations.