Rate list for all the Color Doppler investigations available at Dr Mittal's Diagnostic Centre in Delhi, are provided below. We have both male and female radiologists available, for the comfort of our patients. Although it is not necessary to take appointments for doppler scan investigations, it is recommended to take a prior appointment so that there is minimum wait time during visit. Call us 011-27941155 or 011-27942166 for booking your appointment.  

Carotid Doppler (Both Sides)2500
One Limb (Arterial or Venous)2500
One Limb (Arterial & Venous)5000
Both Limbs (Arterial or Venous)5000
Both Limbs (Arterial & Venous)10000
All four Limbs (Arterial & Venous)20000
Renal Doppler2500
Obstetric Doppler2500
Scrotum Doppler2500
Abdominal Doppler (Liver)2500
Gyne. Doppler2500
Penile Doppler4000
Ultrasound Scan and Color Doppler investigations

Ultrasound Scan and Color Doppler

Digital X-Ray Scanning

Digital X-Ray